Health & Safety

Our Principle: Nothing is more important than the health and safety of everyone who works for or with us

What do we mean?

Gintreda is committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace and complying with environmental and workplace health and safety rules applicable to our business. We treat health like safety and seek to design out or manage down risks. We ensure that safe systems of working are in place by training our personnel based on the national standards, the Health & Safety Executive legislations and in accordance with our company safety policy. All our managers work closely with our clients to ensure our projects do not present a risk to the operatives, the tenants or the community’s health and safety.

We conduct our own regular site checks and try to provide our own first aiders to every site. Our company carries a CSCS platinum cards for senior members of our staff, we also hold a Construction Site Managers Safety Certificate. We try to improve our status by acquiring health & safety certificates for different activities that take place on our sites.

Every member of our staff has foremost in their minds that their health & safety and that of the public are an absolute priority.

Our Commitments:

  • We will lead by example and not walk by
  • We will monitor and improve health and safety performance
  • We will work with others to improve health and safety standards and share best practice

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