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Gintreda limited is a building company, specializing in house refurbishment. Our company has thirty years of experience within the construction industry and fifteen years in management.  In all projects, customer satisfaction is a priority to our company. For the residents and their neighbours, refurb is a procedure that disrupts their daily life. Minimizing the pressure, for them, our clients’ personnel and our suppliers, is fundamental to Gintreda. Finding ways to make life easier in the household & on site, during the works, respecting the community are two of the key elements to our success.
Our tools to achieve our goals are efficiency, reliability and quality. Delivering these to our clients throughout the works, making sure that the final result meets the expectations as expressed by the contract’s specification. The understanding that in the future, the site of our work will provide housing for people and their everyday lives is vital in pursuing our financial goals without losing sight of the objectives or of the wider context in which our company operates.
Our corporate policy for long term commitment to our tradesmen guaranties the quality of product and processes on site. Careful management of the workforce has created experienced, dedicated and motivated, specialised teams that work with respect for the residents and their property.
We try to follow the technological advancement in the fields of the tools and material with respect to the high quality and specification of any property we refurbish, we have also taken on board traditional techniques that are necessary to work within conservation areas.
The training that is needed and the complex nature of some of the contracts we have undertaken, has allowed Gintreda to be flexible and adaptable while focusing on our clients.
All the above not only guarantee that the residents are provided with a functional and pleasant environment at the end of our contract, but also that our health & safety targets are met.
Health and safety is a main concern for our company, as it affects our workforce, our clients and the community.
Our policy of meeting challenges in all the width and depth of our activities has created a feeling of security to our clients, that we will assist them in keeping up with their own aspirations, expressing Gintreda limited policy of common progress.


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